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Absolute Country Showcase (Scot Gibbs & Tom Dixon)

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The Village Trestle, 25 Main St, Goffstown, NH

Absolut Country is a unique showcase for country music artists at the Village Trestle in Goffstown. This week it's Scot Gibbs and Tom Dixon!


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These stations have Tom's music and have given him some airplay.  Contact them and request Tom Dixon!

93.4 WJJM 97.5 WOKQ KIX 105.5 WKXH 100.1 The Planet
Lewisburg, TN Dover, NH St. Johnsbury, VT Plymouth, NH
931-359-6359   877-KIX-1055 888-536-976

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Tom Dixon Music - Nashville, TN - Member NSAI - Member ASCAP