Kick Start This Party

by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon's first solo album produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Kent Wells. This album gives you a taste of the explosive live performance show that Tom Dixon has been known to give audiences.

  1. 1 $0.99 A Better Way 03:32
  2. 2 $0.99 Dreams Down A Dusty Road 03:13
  3. 3 $0.99 Kick Start This Party 03:15
  4. 4 $0.99 Jack It Up 03:05
  5. 5 $0.99 The One 04:27
  6. 6 $0.99 Winning 03:36
  7. 7 $0.99 Just Tell Me You Love Me (2013) 03:34

Tom Dixon Live From Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill

by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Live From Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill. Original music from Tom's album Kick Start This Party as well as bonus tracks of Tom performing cover songs from artists such as Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan. (Cover songs are FREE)

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A Better Way 1
Dreams Down A Dusty Road 1
Kick Start This Party 1
Jack It Up 7
The One 4
Winning 1
Just Tell Me You Love Me 3
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The Tom Dixon Band (2012)

The Tom Dixon Band - Truckin (CD)

Truckin (2011)

Truckin (2011)

This album features Tom Dixon along with the members of The Tom Dixon Band

Tom Dixon - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
David Wilson - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
John Crawford - Bass
Randy Hansen - Drums
Leo Melanson - Fiddle, Steel, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded at IndieFair Studios 2011

The Tom Dixon Band- Truckin MP3 Download

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